Wireless Network Installation

How Wireless Installation Works

Wireless Survey

A professional wireless engineer surveys your office space to determine the optimal wireless LAN solution.

Determine the specific needs of your project
Integrate new wireless LAN with existing network
Perform radio frequency (RFID) test
Select location for Access point to minimize interference
Determine the Wireless LAN Equipment list

Cabling Survey

We will perform a secondary survey of your facility in order to identify the cabling needs for the wireless LAN.

Determine MDF (Main Distribution Frames) and IDF (Intermediate Distribution Frames) on the network
Determine cable pathways to each Access Point Plan cable runs and requisite cable mounting hardware
Determine material needs

The Professional Wireless Network Installation Company

IT Solutions Shop provides full-service wireless (Wi-Fi) network implementation local area and countrywide. The entire process of designing, planning, and installing your network can be done by us. We design every wireless solution to meet the specific needs of each location.

Our company has installed wireless local area networks in a number of places, including schools and universities, coffee shops, warehouses, hotels, airports, hospitals, and business offices, provided by Wi-Fi networks becoming common in industrial, commercial, and retail environments. We have built connectivity between building complexes and school campuses. We have experience designing and installing Wi-Fi networks for a wide range of venues.

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